San He Bridge Project

As with most things in China, there is never an air of certainty.  The San He Bridge Project has missed another dateline for its construction. 

The original plan for a concrete road along with the bridge has been scrapped.  Instead a bridge with a 24m span will be built.  This came about through the intervention of the Ziyun Tranport Communications Board.  Some personnel of this Board visited the village during Chinese New Year and their attention was directed to the planned bridge.  They responded by offering to appeal to the Anshun Transport Communications Board for a bigger bridge.

The proposal for the construction of the 24m bridge has been sent by the Ziyun Transport Communications Board to the Anshun Transport Communications Board for approval and this would normally take a few months.  So far there have been no words on the matter.

RBCS and the Canadian Group will stick to the original contribution of 75K.  Any addition cost will be borne by the Anshun Transport Communications Board.