MCCC in Manila

On 23rd February 2008, Fr Ivan made a trip to the Philippines to introduce MCCC there as well as to find volunteers for mission work overseas. 

The gathering of eighteen men and women, both religious and lay from around Manila and a few from afar, came together at the Centre of the Our Lady of Remedies Parish in Manila.  This Centre overlooks the Bay of Manila and is run by the Missionaries of St Columba.  Fr Hector Suano, one of the priests working there was instrumental in securing the venue for the event and he was also responsible for inviting many of the participants to this meeting.

After some tea and snacks, Fr Ivan introduced himself and thanked Fr Hector for his help and support.   The participants were put into three groups to do some Gospel Sharing after which there was an opportunity for a person from each group to make a prayer in relation with what the group had shared. 

Then there was another group session on “Mission and missionaries”.  The groups discussed issues concerning the need for mission work still and the question of who should be carrying out missionary work, both at home and abroad.

Then Fr Ivan spoke on Mission in an Asian Context.  He posed the many challenges the church faced in regards to mission and then went on to present an overview of MCCC, outlining how it was formed to address the need for more lay involvement in mission work in Asia.  

A lot of questions were asked about how a person could become a member of MCCC and do mission work overseas.   A lot of interest was generated through the meeting and opportunities for further gatherings of this kind in the Philippines were made available.